Feng-Shui Element Holz Wood (1)

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Wood grows, it is stable and at the same time elastic. It is deeply rooted and bends, through all the seasons, to the force of the wind. Wood drives leaves, produces flowers and fruits, and produces seeds for the future. The element wood symbolizes spring and is the beginning, birth and childhood.

Communication, conveying ideas, happiness and success in private and business life. Purpose & courage

Poster Large (A1+) - 61 x 86 cm
Poster Medium (A2+) - 43 x 61 cm
Poster Small (A3+) - 30,5 x 43 cm

 Fine-Art-Print in gallery quality
 180g/m² Paper with a matt finish
 13-color digital printing (borderless)

Note: The actual dimensions of the posters may differ from the specified dimensions by a few millimeters due to production reasons.

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