Quintenzirkel {The circle of fifths} - Poster

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The structure of the circle of fifths is reminiscent of the dial of an analog clock. Instead of the digits that enable the time to be read, the names of the tones are used. The keys can also be provided with the respective accidentals. In the circle of fifths, major keys, minor keys or both can be displayed within one graphic.

Poster Large (A1+) - 61 x 86 cm
Poster Medium (A2+) - 43 x 61 cm
Poster Small (A3+) - 30,5 x 43 cm

 Fine-Art-Print in gallery quality
 180g/m² Paper with a matt finish
 13-color digital printing (borderless)

Note: The actual dimensions of the posters may differ from the specified dimensions by a few millimeters due to production reasons.