Tonleitereigene Akkorde - Poster Din A1 (hoch)

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The Diatonic Scale is most familiar as The Major Scale or The Minor Scale.  The Diatonic Scale uses 7 tones. These 7 tones always sound the same in relationship to each other but there are 12 versions that change in pitch.

Poster Large (A1+) - 61 x 86 cm
Poster Medium (A2+) - 43 x 61 cm
Poster Small (A3+) - 30,5 x 43 cm

 Fine-Art-Print in gallery quality
 180g/m² Paper with a matt finish
 13-color digital printing (borderless)

Note: The actual dimensions of the posters may differ from the specified dimensions by a few millimeters due to production reasons.

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